Waukesha Lime & Stone Agricultural Lime Products


How much Lime should I use on my lawn?.
All of our products can be used on your lawn. Typical lawns require approximately 50 lbs per 1,000 sq. feet. Please consult a soil scientist or agronomist for exact application rates.

Is your lime hydrated lime?
Our product is an agricultural lime made from grinding crushed limestone and is not the same as hydrated lime (calcium hydroxide).

What is the lime zone of your Lime?
Our lime varies in lime zone per product. The higher the lime zone number the finer the grind and higher the quality of the lime. High lime zone lime will be more effective and provide quicker benefits to your lawn, garden or field. See product pages for the lime zone for each of our products.

What is the chemical analysis of your Lime?
Please see chemical analysis LINK on the Quality page.

Will your lime dry my horse’s hooves?
No – our Lime will not dry out your animal’s hooves unless used in excess.

Is your lime organic?
Our lime is not organic – however it is made from 100% crushed natural limestone and contain no caustic or synthetic additives.

Can I use your lime to make whitewash?
NO. Whitewash is made from hydrated lime. Our Lime is an agricultural Lime for use on fields, gardens, lawns or in animal pens.

Where can I purchase your lime?
Please see the retail page for locations near you to purchase our lime. You can also contact us at 1-800-472-3820 or email us at wls.paynanddolan.com.

How much Lime should I use on my Garden?
All of our products can be used on your lawn. Typical gardens require approximately 10 lbs per 100 sq. feet.

Is it safe to use in my animal’s pen?
Yes. Our Shur-Tred lime will help keep barn and animal pen floors clean, dry and sweet. Our products do not contain any caustic or synthetic additives.